‘Honestly, It Will’ – Available Now!

Josh Hellyer Honestly It willJosh’s new book ‘Honestly, It will: Reminders for the Insta-Generation’ is available for pre-order at all major book retailers.

Sometimes, abject loss of hope can be wondrously transmuted into a pivotal, life-changing experience. Moments like these are often characterized by the undeniable presence of a miraculous, unforeseen lifeline. This is exactly what happened to Josh Hellyer, vivacious Canadian media producer and bubbling social entrepreneur. With brutal honesty, a light heart, and laugh-out-loud humor, Josh shares the details of his own story while introducing a series of crucial reminders designed especially for the millennial generation. Whether you’re supporting a loved one through their healing process, in recovery yourself, or just seeking backup in the face of our frantic, often overwhelming culture, Hellyer offers support in the form of real-life anecdotes taken from his own harrowing experience fighting for his life. Join him on the path to healing, and find your own inner strength and peace.





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